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7 hours at Bhata Road (2020)

The people of Bhata followed an occult ritual to avert going to hell. As a consequence, a prophecy was made eons ago that predicted the birth of hell in Bhata village, which would then spread in the world. This newest hell would be ruled by the empress of darkness, the demon daughter herself till she marks the end of all.
The road through Bhata village is now closed at night. A witch haunts the road from 10:30 pm to 5:30 am asking travelers to drop her home. Anyone who enters that road at night, is destined to never return back. All women go blind, all children drown, and all men die. No one is safe for 7 hours.

As Death Stared Back (2019)

Ten years after his public cremation, her dead husband shows up at their door. He looks like Punit, behaves like him, and knows everything he knew, but Sanjana is convinced that he is not her husband. As the evidences, of Punit's death start disappearing, will Sanjana be able to save her son from this imposter before her sanity collapses?

When your eyes are the sole proof of reality, would you dare to believe that there are times when they lie? 

When the Devil Whispers (2018)

Inspired by real events. Read the grimmest tale in the history of the Indian judiciary.Trust no one; the devil walks among us.She sees everything and hears everything.And if She ever whispers to you, you must obey.Shalini now knows that death is not the worst that can happen.Why did a tolerant country like India sentence two women to be hanged to death for the very first time?Will Shalini survive the wrath of her kidnapper or will death greet her early to relieve her from her misery?

More coming soon... (2023)

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