ajinkya Bhasme

Amazon bestselling author in the horror genre, Bhasme carefully crafts his works based on sever mental illness. He uses his engineering research background from IIT Bombay and his education in forensic psychology to dissect the most complicated stories human minds have to offer. His work is known to be fresh, and on topics that have never been touched before. 

Ajinkya was born on 22nd January,1992 in Maharashtra, where he grew up and spent his childhood listening to storries narrated by his mother.

He pursued Chemical Enginnering from IIT Bombay and worked as a scientist for 4 years. He later did a diploma in Forensic Psychology and Psychotherapy to write stories about the deviant minds and to help the society spread awareness about mental health.

Bhasme's work has garnered him many national and international literary accolades from some of the most reputed media houses in the world. His books are known to be scary but have the scent of implicit wisdom between the empty spaces.

"Reality is often scarier than nightmares, consider it like slowly being boiled in a pot and not even knowing it", says Bhasme describing his choice of writing horror and connecting it greatly with human psychology.

Bhasme is an author, HR, chemical engineer, forensic psychologist and a licensed therapist who delivers keynotes in colleges and corporates, works full time and does pro-bono counselling.


He currently resides in Mumbai and is working on his next few books.

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